Sunday, October 14, 2012

Another week

Last week I made a supposed promise to myself that I will stop buying books and start reading through my current collection. I have a nasty habit of buying and not always reading. My promise lasted a few days. I ended up picking up a book at the thrift store (it was free, so maybe I didn't break it?) A few years back a friend gave me a copy of the "Illustrated Man" by Ray Bradbury. Ever since then it's been one of my favorite books to gift to others. I'm not sure why I didn't explore other books, aside from "Fahrenheit 451" which was required reading in high school. I remember reading a post from Caitlin where Bradbury was mentioned and it peaked my interest again, so when I stumbled upon the book above I was pretty excited. I never thought myself to be much of a sci-fi fan when it comes to reading but Bradbury's writing style sucks me in and now I need more. 

Anyway, back to my promise, I'm going to try to go through my library and start reading those ignored books. I used to love reading and I'm not sure what happened to that. Maybe it will help teach me about proper grammar and how to stop abusing commas? I fucking love commas. 

Also this week:

I dislike cats but found taunting one with my shoelace was fairly amusing. Note that I am easily amused. 

Discovered that my turtle grew. A LOT. He's been living at Alex's mom's for a year and I've been a bad mother who rarely visits. Below is him 57 weeks ago, I only know this because instagram says so. Once upon a time he was a mini turtle. 

I didn't believe Alex when he said turtles will grow as long as their tank is large. My little guy will be 4 fairly soon. He had a sister but she unfortunately passed away when they were first gifted to me. I'm actually not sure if it's a she or a he because I suck at figuring that out and should probably google it. Whatever.

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