Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A lack of motivation

To do list: buy a scanner. 

I'm definitely a procrastinator. I enjoy making up excuses like, "I work better under pressure," or, "I receive better test scores if I don't study." I enjoy saying it while shaking my head up in down to reassure you it's totally true. "I'm lying, I'm lazy as shit." This is why I enjoy finding lists. Some are messy, some are very meticulous and sometimes I think the owner wrote in code. I'll often wonder if they lost their list on accident, threw it on the ground in victory, wrote it to feel important, or just lost it. I collect notebooks, a lot have a list or two written in them. Mostly food lists. Let's get real, procrastinators don't write life lists. I write distraction lists. Just not always on paper because when I throw it down in victory I don't need a stranger to read, "watched Law and Order SVU for 6 hours instead of improving her well-being."

Look, it's not that I'm a procrastinator, it's that my mind constantly loses it's list.
I'm lying, I'm lazy as shit.
My mind hasn't been able to focus on paper lately. I've decided I have to force myself to write so I don't go into a permanent numlock. Fellow nonsensical ramblers, where are you?

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