Thursday, September 20, 2012

Going in circles

Where do you find motivation and inspiration?
Sometimes my mind feels like a constant rut and I can't figure out where to "go."
I've always loved to draw. It's been my distraction. I space out, stop listening, draw lines and circles freely and create. But, it's been just that, a distraction.

Society puts this huge pressure on us with idealistic views of success. Well, is it idealistic? Or is that what I call it because I can't seem to achieve it. How do you measure it? It's been mind boggling to watch my friends grow, thrive, learn and function. Why is it that I still haven't figured out what the fuck I'm doing with my life?! I've been holding on to this constant anxiety as I wait for some sort of an epiphany. Then as I type that I realize I just made another excuse. Supposedly if I work for what I want and set my mind to it, I'll achieve it. Understood, but how do I figure out what the hell 'it' is?

There was a lot of its in there.
"we all float."

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