Saturday, September 15, 2012


Anxiously counting down the days until Hawaii. I've never taken a real vacation. I've never gone somewhere new and immersed myself into exploring my surroundings. Aside from warm beaches and staring down seaturtles, I'm most excited to eat! I'm not a big seafood fan and for years despised veggies, I promised myself I'll be open to new tastes --- except spam. Spam is always questionable.

Revisiting old photos. For years I constantly had a camera attached to my hands. I loved taking pictures of everything and my old deadjournals/livejournals suffered through it. I was the pesky friend who insisted on documenting everything... not always a good thing. My camera has been dead for at least a year now and I know I can't really blog without photos so here goes another promise. I will take more pictures and not post photos that are 3 years old (above. oops). Maybe now I'll bother to learn to take decent photos that aren't blurry? Questionable.

Watching Law and Order SVU. Getting rid of cable was a great/poor decision. I said "no cable will encourage me to read and draw more." Sike. Getting rid of cable caused me to obsess over shows and marathon all day. I'm up to episode 157. I can't be alone in this addiction!

Encouraging myself. I'm fucking hard on myself. There's nothing to it. I'm judgmental, mean and rude to myself. I'm getting older and these childish games with myself just need to end. Living my life trying to compare myself to others and feeling pitiful of myself is shameless. I'll never be my minds idea of "perfection." That is unless I quit self-loathing and make an effort to improve myself. So, I'm encouraging myself to enjoy life, grow, make the self improvements I desire, and live without self-doubt. Maybe I should do this daily?

Eating butterfly gummies I stole from my roommate because it's my life and they are delicious.

Lastly, I'm avoiding taking a shower. I'm an idiot who scheduled a bikini wax because I love torturing myself. Hello ma'am, nice to meet you, sure, go ahead and rip apart my skin and make me hate your guts.

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