Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Free writing

Being social makes me fucking anxious, I'm not going to lie. I often talk out of my ass, stumble over words or make awkward conversation. Throughout junior high and high school I always kept an online journal for free writing because I enjoyed not knowing my audience or having that weird feeling of being judged. I've been lucky that Alex has allowed me to be a fool since the beginning. Below definitely helps describe me. Blogging now seems so different than when I was younger. Everyone has some sort of niche, don't you ever feel like just writing?

"I've decided to stop taking my sleeping pills. So far it's not working out very well because it's almost 3 in the morning and sleep seems to be impossible. I have too much time on my hands lately but never seem to have time to clean my room. I keep starting books and never finishing them. I like how when I attempt to clean I leave one very clean corner then get distracted by something. I swear I'm not messy. I think it'd be fun to spy in a thrift store and see people buy your stuff. I like discovering old toys. I made friends with my slinky and wished I was bright enough to think of bending wires and have it tumble down the stairs. I always wanted an etch a sketch, maybe I'll finally buy one and amuse myself with dirty sketches. I'm going to start doing illustrations for a friends short stories and I'm pretty excited. Supposedly my shirts are finally going into print tomorrow, supposedly. I wonder if monkeys are soft. While riding my bike earlier I saw a cat and got a little scared. I wonder what possums feel like. I like platano frito. Why do dogs smell each other's butts? I like imagining what peoples dogs would sound like if they could speak. Diane gave me a xl large dark knight shirt to wear for the release, it looks like a dress but they said I still have to wear pants, whatever. I wish I could draw on my car. I like all crusts." (sent sometime in 2009)

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