Monday, September 24, 2012

The Scribble Diary

photo by Lisa Currie. One awesome artist.

I love spending time on Doodlers Anonymous. It's a great community of artists where egos don't run high. Their latest post discussing a fantastic brainstorming book (call it as you please, the possibilities are endless with this diary) is something I'd like to share with anyone passing by. If you like to doodle, sketch, draw and keep a diary, but often find yourself saying "where do I start," this book is where you start. I love that it reads like a diary but you can adapt it to your style. I can't often express myself with words daily but I love converting shapes into the words I can't write. Doodle your day.

When artists take the time to develop something to help other creative minds, I'm in full support.

Here's two more spots where you can learn more:
Busy Body-Lazy (Lisa Currie's blog)

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